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Love Sms For Boyfriend

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LOVE SMS FOR BOYFRIENDLove is not what the mind thinks,       but what the heart feels. I love you dear.-----------------------------------------------------Hold me tight Hug me with all your mightKiss me softlyCaress me tenderlyGaze into my eyes for a whileGive me a reason to smileCome back in my life babyJust say that you still love me...-----------------------------------------------------Every night I fall asleepwith a smile on my face,Because I know that I am going to wake up and meetthe person who puts in there...[ads-post]Baby, do you knowthat you mean a lot,I am saying this fromme every thought Will love you till the end of timeCoz i feel lucky to call you mine,Love you a lot!-----------------------------------------------------I love you for...

Love Sms For Girlfriend

Boys Sms, English Sms, Featured, Girls Sms, Love Sms, Romantic Sms
LOVE SMS FOR GIRLFRIENDThe only word to describe you is mineand the only word to describe us is forever....I love you sweet heart. -----------------------------------------------------You are my life,You are my hopes,You are my inspiration You are my everything.I love you-----------------------------------------------------There are only three things whichI want to tell you,I really love you a lot,I really miss you a lot,I really care for you,[ads-post]You are in my every thought!You changed my life.You changed my ways.I don't even recognize myself these days,It must be a reflection of you.-----------------------------------------------------I don't have words to describe what I feel for you.I fall deeper in your love with every passing day.Every moment I spend with you, fee...

Girlfriend Sms

Boys Sms, English Sms, Featured, Girls Sms, Love Sms, Romantic Sms
GIRLFRIEND SMS"Somewhere between all our laughs,  long talks, stupid little fights and all our lame jokes...I fell in love".                                             -----------------------------------------------------Life is full of romance,passion and surprises,but it would mean absolutely nothing ifI didn't have youby my side.-----------------------------------------------------Last night I hugged my pillowand dreamed of you. I hugged mypillow and dreamed of you. I wishthat someday I'd dream aboutmy pillow and I'd be hugging you.[ads-post]I love my eyes when you look into them.I love my name when you say It.I love my heart when you touch it.I love my...

Romantic Love Sms For Girlfriend

Boys Sms, English Sms, Featured, Girls Sms, Love Sms, Romantic Sms
ROMANTIC LOVE SMS FOR GIRLFRIENDImmature Love Says:'I love you because I need you.'Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'-----------------------------------------------------Love is the simplerFeeling, I dream everynight about you I want to capture your heart.I love you!-----------------------------------------------------If a kiss could sayjust how much I loveyou, my lips would be on yours forever![ads-post]I love seeing youhappy and my biggest reward is seeingyou smile.----------------------------------------------------- For you, I may be justone person. But for me,you are the world.Love you forever.-----------------------------------------------------You can love me or hate me kiss me orpush me down and ill stand up because instaying strong for you.