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Indian Wedding Guest Dresses

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INDIAN WEDDING GUEST DRESSESIn the eyes of foreigners, Weddings in India are filled with color, pomp, and oodles of entertainment.In India, weddings include an array of traditional rituals, customs, ceremonies and more. Whether you have been invited to a Hindu, Sikh, Christians or Jain traditional wedding ceremony. The only question that comes to your mind is what to wear. We are here to break it down for you in simple bite-sized tips. Don't worry because at the end, you will be fitting in perfectly with everyone else!. These below tips will help you put on the right outfit that is suitable for traditional Indian wedding.Color combination of dress should be elegant, beautiful and unique.Beside dress jewelry pieces should be your focus too when deciding what to wear.Avoid wearing casual dre...

Ten Questions Desi Aunties Ask From Every Newlywed Couple

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TEN QUESTIONS DESI AUNTIES ASK FROM EVERY NEWLYWED COUPLEStarting of wedding season, might be good for newlywed couple but desi aunties are best in ruining these types of lovely moments. Some desi aunties ask some stupid questions like Mehndi ka rang halka hain, tumhari saans khatarnak aurat lagti hain. Kitne paisay diye.? Blah Blah Blah.....Here are some questions that every desi aunties ask from newlywed couple1. Suhaagraat Main Kya Hua?When desi aunties smile and ask newlywed bride kesi hui suhaagraat sab theek tah na?As they were also part of this wedding night.2. Doodh Piya Tah?Garmi Main Dalo Doodh Main Ice, Doodh Bangaya Veri Nice, Doodh Doodh Doodh!. When these desi aunties ask bride doodh piya tah. In sab ka bus na chaley to CCTV cameras bhi room mein lagwa dein.3. Muh Dikhai Main...

How To Wear Saree Perfectly

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[ads-post]LEARN HOW TO WEAR SAREE PERFECTLYIndia is a country with ancient clothing design tradition and saree is the best example of that. In India and other South Asian Countries. Mostly new generation girls and women's don't know how to wear saree perfectly.Have a look at the above video and learn today how to wear saree perfectly in a short period of time. If you like our video. Please like it, Subscribe our channel and don't forget to share it. Thanks.

Divyanka Tripathi Completely Shocked Her Fans

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[lock] Divyanka Tripathi Completely Shocked Her Fans[ads-post]Famous Indian TV Actress Divyanka Tripathi Completely Shocked Her Fans By Doing Naughty Dance With Her Co-Star Karan Patel. Many Of Her Fans Thought That Due To Her Weight She Could Not Be Able To Dance Any More. But Talented Divyanka Tripathi Proved That She Still Got It. Watch Complete Video And Give Your Comments Below.[/lock]